During the fall of 2013, we re-established a Parish Pastoral Council here at Holy Family. Archdiocesan guidelines stipulate that Parish or Pastoral Councils are entirely advisory to the pastor.  Members must demonstrate discretion keeping confidences between each other and the pastor without misusing information about the parish and/or parishioners. Everyone on the Council is urged to be of one heart and mind, both with Christ and with his holy Church. All good pastors should listen to the needs of their flocks and encourage them to take ownership of their parish communities.  The pastor is the executive agent of the parish who answers directly to the Archbishop.

Members should nurture an attitude of friendship and support to the pastor and each other. The Pastoral Council should reflect the face of the Parish and represent the various pastoral activities that are carried out within the boundaries of the Parish.  The members should be: (1) registered and representative of the parish, (2) using the envelope system, (3) living in a manner appropriate to his or her state-of-life, (4) knowledgeable about the faith, (5) knowledgeable of the various programs, apostolates and initiatives of the parish, and (6) committed to the evangelizing mission of the Church.

The pastor is the chairman of the Council.  Three or four members can function as the executive committee that develop the agenda for meetings.  The secretary keeps the minutes and certain reports.  Terms for members are three years.  Members can be appointed to an additional three years after the first term but then must wait at least one year before seeking nomination to the Council again. Parishioners may put forward their names or those of others for consideration for the Council.

  • Cheryl Blake
  • Cynthia Bowie
  • Ellie Foronda
  • Marsha Hansen
  • Melissa Hicks
  • Laurel McDonald
  • James Murry
  • Monette Roxas-Tharp
  • Michael Turner

Permanent deacons (Brian Payne) are ex-officio members of the Pastoral Council of the Parish to which they have been assigned. As Catholics we are part of something larger than ourselves. We need the proper disposition to get along and to dialogue in a cooperative way. Another important quality is humility, respecting the pastor’s decisions and the governance of the larger Church and Archbishop.  Good parish councils can be a great support to a pastor, letting him know that he is not alone in struggling for the good of the church. We all have a responsibility as believers to support the Church and to live out the commission given us by Christ. Those who would seek membership should either already be engaged or desire to take part in the many parish activities.

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