The Finance Council is a consultative body of lay persons established to advise the pastor in matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the parish.  It is composed of the pastor and at least three but no more than nine practicing lay (or clergy) members of the parish who are knowledgeable and skilled in financial, business, and/or legal matters and are known for their prudent judgement. Membership is by appointment of the pastor who shall consult with the Pastoral Council in making appointments to the Finance Council.  It has the responsibility to assist the pastor in the following: parish budget and goals for the upcoming year, review audit recommendations, ensure that the Annual Financial Report is prepared and submitted to the Archdiocese, ensure the distribution of the required Annual Financial Report to the Pastoral Council and to the parish community, ensure the parish uses federally insured bank accounts and financial investments that are consistent with the USCCB guidelines on investing, etc. The terms for members are for three years.  Members can be appointed to an additional three years after the first term but then must wait at least one year before seeking nomination to the Council again.

  • Terry Reinhart (head)
  • Marie Oyalowo
  • Alex Wong
  • Ken Zemrowski (new)
  • Pete Rozanski (accountant)

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Sacrificial Giving Program

 As an expression of our stewardship and obligation to support the Church, we invite each person or every family in the parish to make a confidential pledge of a weekly sacrificial gift. This weekly offering to the Lord is a tangible challenge to our discipleship. It is a sacrifice which says, “Thank you, Lord,” for the many blessings you have bestowed. We give back to God a share of what our Father in heaven has generously given to us. Usually brought up with the Eucharistic gifts at Sunday Mass, it is a sign of our self-donation and personal surrender. Just as the bread and wine shall become the living presence of our Lord, body and soul, humanity and divinity, so too are we asking for ourselves to be transformed into more perfect likenesses of Christ.  Practically speaking, the amount given will vary from person to person. But, remember the widow’s mite in the Gospel, it was more significant to the Lord than a larger sum from others because she gave of her substance. Note Deuteronomy 14 and Malachi 3. Some tithe 5% of their income to the parish and another 5% to other charitable causes, like the Archdiocesan Appeal, Red Cross, foreign missions, and various national and archdiocesan (second) collections.  When new parishioners register they are asked to sign up for envelopes and sent a commitment card. Thus, the parish can budget ahead, knowing that a certain amount of income will be coming in. However, we respect the feelings of parishioners who would feel anxious about obliging themselves to a definite figure. A statement is available at the end of the year summarizing your giving. It can be used for tax purposes. The support of one’s parish is a Christian work and a fulfillment of a precept of the Church.


Ideally we should have several teams of counters that would rotate weeks.  We currently only have one team but on the positive side they are very dedicated to the task and love the parish. Appointed by the pastor they usually count the collection on Monday mornings although sometimes the task is completed on Sundays.  They count and record the types of funds and the total for the deposit. Current regulations stipulate that the pastor and staff are not permitted to count the money collected.  Those who do the counting should be well known to the parish community and highly regarded for their good character and honesty.  Related persons or family members should not work together in this effort.  Funds collected include the regular parish offertory as well as special archdiocesan and national collections. Parishioners may put forward their names or those of others for consideration for a counting team. (Eileen Richards, Mary Marius, Margaret Johnson, Laurel McDonald)

Parish Maintenance

This has to do with basic issues around preserving the parish plant and the care of the Church. We have contracted for the care of the grounds. The Altar Guild does a great job of cleaning the church and various parishioners assist them with the decoration of the church.

Curb Appeal Lawn Service takes care of the grounds.  Budget Plumbing & Heating maintains the heating and air conditioning for the church, hall and rectory.  Romeo Paternoster does periodic repairs and alterations on the property (like the rectory stairs and the modular ramp).  

We wanted to develop a Handy Workers group that might share talent and time in the parish; however, current Archdiocesan policies make this difficult.


However, we do want to thank Roy Cobo and Bobby Ramiro for their work around the parish, especially in regard to the Parish Meeting Room between the church and rectory. 


The Maintenance Committee is charged with working with other groups on parish fundraisers.

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Contact Person:

Altar Guild – Eileen Richards

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