Parish Sodality


The Sodality of Our Lady Queen of Families

93j80cpjvojj3pcka5twm0r87rlThe Sodality of Our Lady Queen of Families was installed as an organization of Holy Family Catholic Church on June 18, 2017 at 9:30 AM Sunday Mass.  It was instituted to provide another avenue for parishioners to enhance or develop their prayer life and to attain a closer relationship with Jesus through devotion to his Mother.

As a group the Sodalists monthly attend the 9:30 AM Mass on the 4th Sunday from September to December and from February to May.  The Rosary is prayed prior to Mass and the General Meeting is held immediately after Mass in the classroom at the Parish Hall.  The General Meetings are open to all who wish to attend.  Membership is open to all Catholics, women and men.

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What is Sodality?

The Sodality is a group of Catholic individuals with similar ideas who work together in the service of the Church and the world.  The objective of the Sodality is to promote a closer relationship with Jesus through adoration and emulation of His Mother.  The Sodality provides a channel through which Sodalists speak as a group to bring the Church’s values to issues in religion, education and civic affairs.

The Sodality assists each member in fulfilling her/his personal vocation and to be a witness for Christ in her/his daily actions and the use of her/his talents on behalf of the Church, the community and the world.  This is accomplished through a well-developed prayer life, the primary function of Sodality, which fosters service in the family, Church and community. The Sodality is organized under two principal missions:  Spiritual Life and Apostolic Life, i.e., prayer and service.

The suggested prayer life includes daily Mass, the Rosary, Scripture reading, the Liturgy of the Hours, spiritual formation, days of recollection, retreats and other personal devotions. Apostolic activities include service to the Church and programs that care for the sick, the elderly, the poor, the homeless, important legislation and concern for Christian education.

CLICK HERE for Sodality Handbook with Prayers.