Faith & Evangelization

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There are a number of periodic programs pursued each year although some go into hiatus because of the time of year or waning interest.   Such programs include Bible Study, ad in the past a Catholic Book/Video Group.  Monthly baptismal preparation is offered as needed.  Marriage preparation is offered with individual couples.  We have about a hundred children in PREP (Parish Religious Education for Children). RCIA & Adult Instructions in the Catholic Faith are offered for everyone else.  Five percent of our offertory goes to support St. Mary of the Assumption Regional School.

We keep books and a pamphlet rack in the church for those who would like to pursue private reading in the faith.  We are hoping in the future to explore an outreach or door-to-door invitation to the faith in the parish neighborhood.

CLICK HERE for the Catechists Handbook.

CLICK HERE for the PREP Handbook.

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