Parish Meeting Room

These are PGK Roy Cobo’s pics of work done on the new Parish Meeting Room… or what we fondly call the Cobo-Ramiro Room after Roy and BK Bobby. The unveiling was Sunday, July 16, 2018 at the Holy Family Parish Picnic.


Here are some pictures of the ribbon cutting and a few shots of our first Council meeting in the building. And all I originally asked of Roy was, “Do you think you can fix the shed?”


GK Emmanuel Abongwa and DGK Leon Alexander look on with amazement. After a year of working on the shed, we are ready to show everyone the transformation!


I have the scissors in hand while I thank the men for their hard work. I mention PGK Roy Cobo, BK Bobby Ramiro, Treasurer Kevin Renze (directed much work and assembled the chairs), BK Ron Brinkman (who laid the outside concrete), and Nino Foronda (thank goodness for his truck!).


Cutting the ribbon! Where did they find those scissors?


You guessed it, we were singing the Cobo-Ramiro Room song!


BK Willie Fulgueras played his drums and SK Mike Davenport (from Fletcher Council) was our dee-jay with his electronics!


Dancers! Welcome everyone! Welcome to the Cobo-Ramiro!


Group shot… toasting with apple cider!


Ah, the men of the hour… PGK Roy Cobo and BK Bobby Ramiro.


Another shot of our little happy group… now on to the parish picnic!


Small in stature, PGK Roy Cobo is (in my eyes) a giant among men… a true Christian gentleman and a great Knight of Columbus!


A side view of the hall during Monday’s meeting of the Council.


When the fun is over, we go back to business. We take seriously our role as a Council and as Knights of Columbus!


Ah, for the good of the order, PGK Roy Cobo wins a lottery ticket. What luck he has! Or is it providence?


The song we sang… so silly… so much fun!


I love the four flags… U.S., Papal, Maryland, and KofC. Note the seal on the lectern… we left our mark on this room!

Bobby Ramiro worked his magic in the meeting room today (November 18).


He added two photos: (1) Photo of the Knights who participated in the fabrication of the Meeting Room from the old shed and (2) A stylized picture of two Filipino children portraying Jesus and Mary at our annual Simbang Gabi.