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Living the Faith for Our Children

We often speak about the failure to transmit the faith to children as entirely the fault of the culture in which we find ourselves.  However, this is only part of the challenge.  As ministers, teachers and parents we need an … Continue reading

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A Priest’s Reflection During a Time of Crisis

When I was a boy pondering a vocation some forty years ago, I was intrigued by a pamphlet from the Divine Word Missionaries.  It chronicled a lonely priest with his mule carrying his Mass and medical supplies as he journeyed … Continue reading

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Scandal Influenced by the World & the Devil

Contagious Scandal & the Loss of Reputation Any one priest signifies every priest. This collective appreciation has made the present crisis a damning one. When the laity look at their priests, they immediately wonder, “Could he be one of those … Continue reading

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Our Pastor’s Thoughts on the Current Scandal

Reflecting Upon the Abuse Crisis The clergy abuse issue just never seems to let up. November 9, 2018 saw THE WASHINGTON POST headline, “Three Teens Allege Abuse by Catholic Priest in D.C.” A Capuchin parochial vicar from Sacred Heart Church … Continue reading

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Ask a Priest – Questions & Answers

There is a Question and Answer Box in the back of Holy Family Catholic Church. Many of the inquiries and responses in this book were taken from the pastor’s blog, BLOGGERPRIEST.COM. The questions are listed in the general order received. … Continue reading

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Living as Missionary Disciples

Here is a brief excerpt from my letter as pastor to the parish: “The purpose of youth ministry is to ENABLE, not to entertain. It seems to me that much of youth ministry these days seeks to amuse; and yet, … Continue reading

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Blessing of Catholic Homes

Contact the rectory (301-249-2266) or email Father Joe ( and schedule to have your home blessed by a priest and/or deacon.  Sanctify your residence and put the devil on notice that he is not welcome in your house. Remember that … Continue reading

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Ask a Priest #1 – Aug. 2017

There is a question box in the back of the church.  Questions will also be taken online and through emails.  Names will not be shared. August 2017 Baptist interested in becoming a Catholic. EMOHC concerned about respect to the Eucharist. … Continue reading

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