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A Reflection on the Lord’s Prayer

Having celebrated this morning the memorial Mass for St. Francis of Assisi, I am inspired by the votive Gospel reading (Matthew 11:25-30) to reflect upon the Our Father. This may seem a bit odd as the reading was not about … Continue reading

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Abortion & the Unborn Child

Often people complain that the world is overpopulated. However, in truth, the problem has more to do with human selfishness and the inequitable distribution of resources. The divine command is “Be fertile and multiply,” (Genesis 1:28) not contracept and abort. … Continue reading

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God Became Man So That He Might Cry

The scene in the Gospel of John where Jesus encounters Mary, the sister of Lazarus, weeping is more significant than many may know.  Jesus is the response from heaven for her tears.  Indeed, he mixes his tears with hers. “When … Continue reading

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The Shedding of Tears

I once heard a young preacher argue that Christians should be so thoroughly sure of their redemption in Christ that no loss might ever result in tears.  While one could appreciate what he was trying to say; his message was … Continue reading

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