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Fruits of the Holy Spirit

The theological use of the word “fruit” may strike some as rather odd.  We often hear it in regards to the fruit of the Virgin Mary’s womb, the fruits of the Mass or the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  The … Continue reading

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Sex Outside Marriage

God is merciful. This is a pressing factor that must never be forgotten in the Christian moral life. God loves us and he wants to forgive us. However, such demands a disposition that is receptive to forgiveness and the graces … Continue reading

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A Reflection on the Lord’s Prayer

Having celebrated this morning the memorial Mass for St. Francis of Assisi, I am inspired by the votive Gospel reading (Matthew 11:25-30) to reflect upon the Our Father. This may seem a bit odd as the reading was not about … Continue reading

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Stations of the Cross at Holy Family

OPENING PRAYER:  When our Lord enters Jerusalem, he is acclaimed with palm branches and cries of Hosanna.  Nevertheless, many of the same voices that praise him will eventually cry, “Crucify him!”  The drama is glorious and frightful.  While we are … Continue reading

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Connections with Each Other & God

There is often a modern disconnect between parents and children that is quite disturbing.  Children spend time playing with tablets or on the computer or listening to their music or watching TV but there is little or no dialogue in … Continue reading

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The Importance of Faith-Talk in Love

The manner in which parents and their youth dialogue will change as members get older.  Parents take absolute charge over small children.  As the children become adolescents and teens, it becomes increasingly important that parents both speak and listen.  Parents … Continue reading

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Never Be Too Busy for Each Other & God

Families are very busy these days.  Husbands and wives work outside the home.  Many feel that two incomes are mandatory if they are to make it.  This lifestyle choice must be balanced with childcare needs and schools.  I have detected … Continue reading

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Living the Faith for Our Children

We often speak about the failure to transmit the faith to children as entirely the fault of the culture in which we find ourselves.  However, this is only part of the challenge.  As ministers, teachers and parents we need an … Continue reading

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A Priest’s Reflection During a Time of Crisis

When I was a boy pondering a vocation some forty years ago, I was intrigued by a pamphlet from the Divine Word Missionaries.  It chronicled a lonely priest with his mule carrying his Mass and medical supplies as he journeyed … Continue reading

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Saint of the Month: Mother Teresa

September 2018 thru August 2019 a small framed picture of a saint whose memorial is celebrated during the given month will be displayed in the back of the parish church. This month we honor Mother Teresa. Children are often introduced … Continue reading

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