Blessing of Catholic Homes

home blessingContact the rectory (301-249-2266) or email Father Joe ( and schedule to have your home blessed by a priest and/or deacon.  Sanctify your residence and put the devil on notice that he is not welcome in your house. Remember that every house blessing is also a minor exorcism where we seek God’s protection over you and your loved ones.

Homes are ultimately blessed, not simply by clergy with holy water, but by the holiness and faith of those who live there.  Make your homes “little churches” where you will never be ashamed or dismissive of the presence of Christ.  Instructions will also be shared about the creation of a home altar or shrine that will become a focus for daily prayer.  As Missionary Disciples of Christ, witness to your family and neighbors what it means to be a Catholic Christian believer.

Copies of the ritual and accompanying prayers will be given family members to assist in the home blessing and as a resource for the spiritual growth of members.  The booklet includes the following:  Service for the Home Blessing; Litany and Consecration to the Sacred Heart; Recommended Prayers for Room Blessings; Basic Catholic Prayers; and the Rosary.

It is also traditional to leave an image of Jesus and/or Mary as a gift for the home being blessed.  We have an assortment of images from which parishioners might make a selection  (one of Christ and one of Mary).

Icon Images of Jesus & Mary (1/2/3)

PRT-ICON108_423_543 19933_29320_popup 18394_29313_popup

Other Images of Jesus Christ (4/5/6)

37050_38065_popup 36855_37835_popup 36841_37848_popup

An Image of Mary Alone and an Image of the Holy Family [counts as 2] (7/8)

36848_39588_popup PRT800259

Images of Jesus at the Last Supper (9/10)

PRT-44-076_500_511 (1) 36485_37544_popup

About Father Joe

Father Joe Jenkins I am the pastor of Holy Family Church and a Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Washington, DC.
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