COMMUNITY – Lenten Food Drive Schedule

Lenten Food Drive – Schedule In Prince George’s County

Feb. 29-Mar. 2 – Bags will be distributed to parishes in Prince George’s County

March 3-4 – Bags will be given to parishioners after Masses

March 5-9 – Catholic schools collect food

March 10-11 – Parishes collect food

  • Prepare for pick–up, if requested by the parish
  • Count cans or bags, if keeping or delivering to parish or local food pantry

March 12-16 – Food pick-up occurs at parishes requesting pick-up

March 19-23 – Parishes send in parish weight totals (enabling the Archdiocese to know total contributions!)

  • A food form will be sent to record the number of donated food bags or items kept at parish pantries or donated to a local pantry. (1 can = 1 pound of food).

About Father Joe

Father Joe Jenkins I am the pastor of Holy Family Church and a Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Washington, DC.
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