PRO-LIFE – Supporting March for Life Teens

Donations Needed – We will be hosting the Marian & Purdue University students who will be attending the Rally for Life here on the weekend of January 20-23. Any parishioners who can help by donating cookies can drop them off in the hall that weekend after Mass. Your help is most appreciated.

About Father Joe

Father Joe Jenkins I am the pastor of Holy Family Church and a Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Washington, DC.
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  1. Father Joe says:

    March for Life (re-cap) – Ninety college students from Marian and Purdue Universities traveled to Washington, DC last weekend to attend the annual March for Life on Monday, January 23. We offered these students the use of the hall facilities to stay overnight before traveling back home on Monday, January 23. With the gracious help of our Knights of Columbus and many volunteers we were able to provide the students with sleeping arrangements, snacks and a good breakfast before heading home. We thank all those who provided cookies and generously helped. The students were most appreciative.

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