Going My Way on Radio

The Lux Radio Theatre aired “Going My Way” on May 3, 1954 on the CBS network.  Rebroadcasted on the AFRTS Hollywood Radio Theatre, it was an audio version of the famous movie narrating the  warm-hearted, shamrock-tinged story of an elderly Irish priest and his younger companion.


It was previously presented by the Screen Guild Theater on January 8, 1945.  A comedy, it was adapted from an original screenplay by Alan Scott and W.W. Watson. Bing Crosby reprised his movie role as Father Charles O’Malley, a priest who was the new curate at Saint Dominic’s Church. Father Fitzgibbon is the much older superior of the parish, and on first meeting “Chuck” was overwhelmed by the young man’s vigour and vitality. Before joining the Roman Catholic clergy, Father O’Malley had led a colorful life of sports, song, and romance, and Father Fitzgibbon was fearful of his modern ways. However, when he needed to connect with the disadvantaged neighbourhood kids who were on the cusp of causing untold mischief, maybe the new curate could help.


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The Miracle of Fatima on Radio

Based upon the motion picture, The Lux Radio Theatre on March 30, 1953 ran its own version of the famous story on CBS radio.  “The Miracle Of Fatima” presented the story of three three children in Portugal who experienced apparitions of Our Lady.  The program was made available to American service men with an AFRS rebroadcast on Hollywood Radio Theatre.


Susan Whitney reprised her original Warner Bros. film role as Lúcia Abóbora dos Santos. Based upon actual events in the summer of 1917, Lúcia and her two little cousins, Francisco and Jacinto, are taking a walk on a Sunday morning to picnic in a nearby pasture. As they sit to eat their lunch, they hear a loud noise, and a beautiful lady appears to them in a low cloud. She brings a message of peace and hope, and tells the children to go back to the pasture in one month’s time where she will appear again. However, the adults do not believe them, and fear the wrath of the government’s intervention…

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The Song of Bernadette on Radio

The Song of Bernadette is a 1941 novel that tells the story of Saint Bernadette Soubirous, who, from February to July 1858 reported eighteen visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Lourdes, France. The novel was written by Franz Werfel and translated into English by Lewis Lewisohn in 1942.  It was extremely popular, spending more than a year on the New York Times Bestseller list and 13 weeks in first place. The novel was adapted into the 1943 film The Song of Bernadette starring Jennifer Jones.


The Song of Bernadette was presented on Hollywood Star Time April 21, 1946. The 30-minute adaptation starred Vincent Price, Lee J. Cobb, Pedro DeCordoba, and Vanessa Brown.  The radio drama also ran on Lux Radio Theatre and Radio Hall of Fame.

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The Keys of the Kingdom on Radio

The Keys of the Kingdom is a 1941 novel by A. J. Cronin. Spanning six decades, it tells the story of Father Francis Chisholm, an unconventional Scottish Catholic priest who struggles to establish a mission in China. Beset by tragedy in his youth, as a missionary Chisholm endures many years of hardship, punctuated by famine, plague and war in the Chinese province to which he is assigned. Through a life guided by compassion and tolerance, Chisholm earns the respect of the Chinese—and of fellow clergy who would mistrust him—with his kindly, high-minded and courageous ways.


The Keys of the Kingdom was adapted as a radio play on the November 19, 1945 episode of Lux Radio Theater featuring Ronald Colman and Ann Harding. It was also adapted on the August 21, 1946 episode of Academy Award Theater with Gregory Peck reprising his leading role.

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Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen & the Catholic Hour

The Catholic Hour was produced in co-operation with The National Council Of Catholic Men.  The show opened with hymns (from various Catholic choirs) such as “Like The Dawning Of The Morning”, “Hail, True Body Of The Lord”, “Panis Angelicus”, “Adoramus Te.”  The Catholic Hour is an excellent religious and intellectual old time radio show. 


Many of the episodes featured heavy topics including communism, racism in America, and the role of the Catholic Church in government.  The Catholic Hour featured different guest speakers on different topics.  Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen often hosted the program. 

CLICK HERE for a sampling of the programs.

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Selected Saints from Ave Maria OTR

The Ave Maria Hour aired from 1935 to 1969. Presented by the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement, it was heard on more than 350 stations as well as on the Armed Forces Radio Service.


Recorded in a studio in New York City and on the grounds of Graymoor, these dramatizations of the lives of the saints, stories from the Gospel, and inspiring accounts of faith received many awards. A selection of the programs is offered here for Parish families and for young people preparing for Confirmation.

CLICK HERE for radio dramas on the saints.

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Ask a Priest #1 – Aug. 2017

headpicThere is a question box in the back of the church.  Questions will also be taken online and through emails.  Names will not be shared.

August 2017

  1. Baptist interested in becoming a Catholic.
  2. EMOHC concerned about respect to the Eucharist.
  3. Can you go to confession over the phone?
  4. Anger with the Church because of scandals.
  5. Meaning of the first three beads of the Rosary.
  6. Who is Maacah in the Bible?
  7. Infertility and the Church’s stance on IVF.
  8. Is masturbation always mortal sin?
  9. Can non-Catholics have Masses said for the dead?

CLICK HERE for this month’s pdf booklet.

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LOHFM Honored at MD State KofC Convention!


At the MD State Knights of Columbus Convention, Lady Geneva Murry accepts the Ladies Auxiliary First Place Award for Best Recurring Activity (2016-2017). Congratulations to the Ladies of Holy Family Mitchellville!


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Congratulations to GK Roy Cobo & Fr. Kidd Council!


The Council won best webpage and best lecturer’s program for the MD State Knights of Columbus.


Congratulations to GK Roy Cobo and Fr. Kidd Council on a great year. I know we had hoped for better acknowledgment at the recent convention, but we can take solace in all the good we did. I think our activities and reports this year were the best since our foundation! Roy, you are at the top of the list when it comes to hard working Grand Knights.

Working closely with Holy Family Parish, Fr. Michael C. Kidd Council made the six service activities its own.

Regarding Council…

We had a professional installation and a wonderful reception; we successfully recruited many new members; we had fun at the Christmas party and at our social meetings; we even had radio-controlled car races; and we had a lecturer program that was as good as it gets… focusing on Christopher Columbus, Fr. McGivney and our order.

Regarding Church…

We had a wonderful rosary initiative that included the 5th Sunday Rosary, the Living Rosary, the distribution of 800+ rosaries and encouragement to families to pray daily, the Holy Family Consecration rosary service and the Silver Rose rosary service. We also hosted Soup and Stations and added the Stations of the Resurrection! To top it off we had a Parish Fish Fry and gave out the first Pope Francis Award to an industrious parishioner.

Regarding Community…

Members participated in the Arc Bowling Bash; the Tootsie Roll campaign (for the intellectually challenged); sang carols for those in the nursing home; raised food and fed the hungry at SOME; and engaged in our holiday outreach that included the Food Pantry, Food for the Needy, Christmas gifts for the poor, Coats for Kids, the Apostleship of the Sea, and taking bread goods to the Little Sisters.

Regarding Families…

We gave carnations to mothers in May and made a parallel presentation (a cross-pin) to fathers in June; we also led the renewal of marriage vows (a new Supreme effort); we worked the Trunk or Treat effort in October and volunteered for the Lunch with Santa project in December.

Regarding Youth…

We had the Altar Server Appreciation where there was food, skating and certificates. We provided the essential man-power for the Soccer Challenge and the Basketball Free-Throw.

Regarding the Culture of Life…

Our members participated in the Spike for Life and the Run (Walk) for Life to raise funds for the local Crisis Pregnancy Center. We prayed the rosary outside of the Greenbelt abortion clinic as part of the 40 Days for Life effort.  As I said earlier, we hosted the Silver Rose, too. We also invited and took care of several buses of student Marchers from Indiana, Marian and Butler Universities. We housed them in the hall, fed them and prayed with them. Finally, we gave the State Ultrasound Initiative a check for $500. We remember this effort every year.


We have gotten used to plaques, but we do what we do because we are Knights and caring Catholics. Roy, I want to extend many thanks for your efforts as Grand Knight this year. I have no doubt that the Lord is well-pleased with you and our brother Knights. Let me tell you something frankly. You might be small in stature, but you are a moral giant among men. Vivat Iesus!–Fr. Joe

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Parishioner Tim Adams Honored by Bowie State University


Tim Adams, a parishioner at Holy Family Parish and a brother Knight of Fr. Kidd Council will be honored by Bowie State University. Congratulations!

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