LOHFM Honored at MD State KofC Convention!


At the MD State Knights of Columbus Convention, Lady Geneva Murry accepts the Ladies Auxiliary First Place Award for Best Recurring Activity (2016-2017). Congratulations to the Ladies of Holy Family Mitchellville!


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Congratulations to GK Roy Cobo & Fr. Kidd Council!


The Council won best webpage and best lecturer’s program for the MD State Knights of Columbus.


Congratulations to GK Roy Cobo and Fr. Kidd Council on a great year. I know we had hoped for better acknowledgment at the recent convention, but we can take solace in all the good we did. I think our activities and reports this year were the best since our foundation! Roy, you are at the top of the list when it comes to hard working Grand Knights.

Working closely with Holy Family Parish, Fr. Michael C. Kidd Council made the six service activities its own.

Regarding Council…

We had a professional installation and a wonderful reception; we successfully recruited many new members; we had fun at the Christmas party and at our social meetings; we even had radio-controlled car races; and we had a lecturer program that was as good as it gets… focusing on Christopher Columbus, Fr. McGivney and our order.

Regarding Church…

We had a wonderful rosary initiative that included the 5th Sunday Rosary, the Living Rosary, the distribution of 800+ rosaries and encouragement to families to pray daily, the Holy Family Consecration rosary service and the Silver Rose rosary service. We also hosted Soup and Stations and added the Stations of the Resurrection! To top it off we had a Parish Fish Fry and gave out the first Pope Francis Award to an industrious parishioner.

Regarding Community…

Members participated in the Arc Bowling Bash; the Tootsie Roll campaign (for the intellectually challenged); sang carols for those in the nursing home; raised food and fed the hungry at SOME; and engaged in our holiday outreach that included the Food Pantry, Food for the Needy, Christmas gifts for the poor, Coats for Kids, the Apostleship of the Sea, and taking bread goods to the Little Sisters.

Regarding Families…

We gave carnations to mothers in May and made a parallel presentation (a cross-pin) to fathers in June; we also led the renewal of marriage vows (a new Supreme effort); we worked the Trunk or Treat effort in October and volunteered for the Lunch with Santa project in December.

Regarding Youth…

We had the Altar Server Appreciation where there was food, skating and certificates. We provided the essential man-power for the Soccer Challenge and the Basketball Free-Throw.

Regarding the Culture of Life…

Our members participated in the Spike for Life and the Run (Walk) for Life to raise funds for the local Crisis Pregnancy Center. We prayed the rosary outside of the Greenbelt abortion clinic as part of the 40 Days for Life effort.  As I said earlier, we hosted the Silver Rose, too. We also invited and took care of several buses of student Marchers from Indiana, Marian and Butler Universities. We housed them in the hall, fed them and prayed with them. Finally, we gave the State Ultrasound Initiative a check for $500. We remember this effort every year.


We have gotten used to plaques, but we do what we do because we are Knights and caring Catholics. Roy, I want to extend many thanks for your efforts as Grand Knight this year. I have no doubt that the Lord is well-pleased with you and our brother Knights. Let me tell you something frankly. You might be small in stature, but you are a moral giant among men. Vivat Iesus!–Fr. Joe

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Parishioner Tim Adams Honored by Bowie State University


Tim Adams, a parishioner at Holy Family Parish and a brother Knight of Fr. Kidd Council will be honored by Bowie State University. Congratulations!

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Holy Family Teen Retreats


Holy Family Parish had the Confirmation & High School Teen Retreat 2017 this past weekend at Camp Maria. I took this photo. It was hot!


Here is our group picture from the Holy Family Confirmation Retreat 2016.


Here is our group picture from the Holy Family Confirmation Retreat 2015.

2014 restored

Here is our group picture from the Holy Family Confirmation Retreat 2014.


Here is our group picture from the Holy Family Confirmation Retreat 2013.


Here is our group picture from the Holy Family Confirmation Retreat 2012.


Here is our group picture from the Holy Family Confirmation Retreat 2011.


Here is our group picture from the Holy Family Confirmation Retreat 2010.


Here is our group picture from the Holy Family Confirmation Retreat 2009.

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Pope Visits for Easter!


While the church was being prepared, outdoor crosses were being decorated and the children were looking for Easter Eggs, we had a surprise visit by Pope Francis. Looking out from the church attic window, he blesses our many Holy Saturday festivities!


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MD Governor & Lieutenant Governor Visits


Today Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford joined us at the 9:30 AM Sunday Mass on March 12, 2017 to honor the founding African-American families of Holy Family Catholic Church in Mitchellville, MD. Today our small church is more diverse, but we remain united in the Lord as a family in faith.

On the far left is Dr. Wilbert Wilson, author of THE POWER THAT NEVER CAME TO BE.  On the far right is Grand Knight Roy Cobo.  Fr. Joseph Jenkins, the pastor of Holy Family Church and chaplain of Fr. Michael C. Kidd Council is in the middle.

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Parishioners at Arc Bowling Bash


Fr. Michael C. Kidd Council members today participated in the Arc’s 18th Annual Bowling Bash (Sunday, March 5, 2017) at AMF College Park Lanes, 9021 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740. Event 1 was from 11:00 AM-1:30 PM. Proceeds went to The Arc’s Day Center Community Partnership initiative to ensure meaningful and joy-inspiring recreational opportunities for the centers’ participants. The Arc is the world’s largest grassroots organization committed to the welfare of people with developmental disabilities and their families. The Arc of Prince George’s County is one of over 700 Arc chapters nationwide.

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Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper


The Fr. Kidd Knights of Columbus Council sold tickets and helped to make possible the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper at Holy Family Church (Feb. 28, 2017).

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Presentation to Special Olympics & House of Ruth


The Ladies of Holy Family Mitchellville (Fr. Kidd’s Auxiliary) made a presentation (at the Parish Pancake Supper) of substantial checks to the PG County Special Olympics Swim Team and to the House of Ruth (for battered women). Over a thousand dollars were raised! Great work!

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LOHFM Looks Back Over the Year

While distinct from our local Knights of Columbus Council, the Ladies of Holy Family Mitchellville are a true Auxiliary, involved with most everything the Knights are about.  Just as wives and mothers are at the center of Christian homes, we are the heart of Columbianism here at Holy Family Parish.  We are an ethnically diverse community, but we are united in our faith and values.  We care about one other and work closely with each other, our Knights, our Parish, and with other spouses and children in our Knights of Columbus family.  Together, we try to make a positive difference.  While it might sound old fashioned, we very much believe that behind most successful Knights there are loving and supportive women.


A Baby Shower & Prayers for the Sick – We are flooded with many conflicting feelings as we review our first year.  We began somewhat unsure of ourselves but determined to be there for each other and to help in the larger community.  One of our first activities was a surprise Baby Shower on July 11.  Our sisters Ngozi Ikeji, Pam Rozanski and Monette Roxas-Tharp worked closely to make the event happen.  The hall was reserved and BK Morgan Walubita, Yiliwaka’s husband was helping us to set things up.  Members bought items for the coming baby.  The food would be potluck.  We got the word out so that our 17 members would be in attendance.    God be praised, the Walubita family would have a healthy child!

We started with high expectations and a desire for excellence. Although only a few months old, we won two second places at the May Convention.  Now we would have a whole year to work!

Our Second Installation – The Ladies of Holy Family Mitchellville had their second Installation of Officers following that of the Knights at Fr. Michael C. Kidd Council on Sunday, July 10, 2016 after the 12 Noon Mass at Holy Family Catholic Church in Mitchellville, MD. 150 plus people were in attendance.  It was conducted by Josie Boisvert (Co-Chair for the MD State Ladies Auxiliary Program) with assistance from Kathy Salvemini (wife of State Warden Tony Salvemini).  The incoming officers were as follows: Geneva Murry (President), Marietta Cobo (VP), Maribel Akinola (Secretary) and Ngozi Ikeji (Treasurer).  Kathy presented the newly installed officers with colored ribbons and medals.  Fr. Joseph Jenkins, the Council Chaplain offered the prayers.  The Bishop Walsh Color Corps lent solemnity to the prior Mass and event.  We were honored by the presence of many dignitaries:  MD State Secretary Dale Trott, District Deputy Romeo Paternoster (5) and his wife Sharon, District Warden George Riddle and his wife Carissa, Gil Boisvert, PGK and his wife Josie and Edward Padgett, PGK and his wife Pat (another Auxiliary Co-Chair).  The reception following the Installation was lavish with Filipino foods, roasted pig, music and ethnic dancing.  Donations from the Ladies and other family members covered half of the costs (over a thousand dollars).  We were particularly appreciative of the donation of wine from Lady Monette Roxas-Tharp.  Marietta Cobo (VP) presented flowers to the female dignitaries.


Assorted Cooperative Programs – While we have our own programs, we are involved with most everything the men do, from planning to execution.  The hall kitchen always has the wives and mothers of Knights preparing and serving food and drink.  At every step along the way, we have had a part to play in the success of our Knights and Council.  We are proud of our men and we support them.  Activities include the Sunday Fish Fry, the Trunk or Treat Halloween activity, Lunch with Santa (our Lady Pam prints all the photos!), the parish Christmas Outreach to the Poor, the Rosary Initiative and the annual Simbang Gabi nativity play, Mass and reception (organized by Lady Monette).  Of course, we are not just work and no play.  We had a wonderful Spring Dinner Dance, too.

Involved with Sports Programs – Our Ladies are also involved with sporting activities, including those operated by the District.  At the recent District 5/2 Basketball Free-Throw, our Council had 16 Council Knights involved.  Less known was that we had 6 of our Auxiliary members:  Wilma Bandong, Judy Cardano, Marietta Cobo, Ellie Foronda, Alicia Roxas and Pam Rozanski.  Later we were joined by lady Maribel Akinola.  Other wives of Knights were present and we hope they will join our number!  We similarly assisted at the District 5/2 Soccer Challenge, helping with registration, giving out shirts and organizing the children.  We were also present at our own Fr. Michael C. Kidd Memorial Golf Tournament, both volunteering and playing.  Here we were joined by Ladies Monette Roxas-Tharp and Stacy Alexander.  We assisted with preparation, recruitment of players, getting sponsors, setting up, registration, giving away goodie bags, selling raffles and mulligan tickets and presenting awards.  You name it, we did it!


Bringing Joy at Christmas – We have been involved with so many things, it is hard to do anything more than make a list.  Ladies Judy Cardano and Marietta Cobo could speak about their singing Christmas carols at Larkin Chase Nursing Home (December 17).  December 19 we held a potluck Christmas party for our Ladies and their Knights.  As always there was lots of singing.

Culture of Life & Community Service – Our Ladies volunteered under our sister Pam and Lady Ellie to help in hosting 104 students from Indiana in the Parish Hall who came to Washington for the annual March for Life.  It is amazing how much young people can eat!  Earlier in the Year, some of our members had joined the Knights in the Walk/Run for Life and the Spike for Life volleyball tournament.  We raised over $600 for the local crisis pregnancy center.  Our Ladies also participate in the annual ARC Bowling Bash.  We respect the dignity of life and the value of all persons.

Dinner Fundraisers – We collected clothes and other needed items for the House of Ruth, a halfway house for battered women.  We also ran a fundraiser with Carrabba’s Italian Grill.  A percentage went to the cause.  Similarly, we again did a dinner fundraiser with Texas Road House, raising funds for the Prince George’s County Special Olympics Swim Team.


Our next project will be a Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper at Holy Family on Feb. 28, 2017.

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