Fraternal or Service Organizations at Holy Family

Father Michael C. Kidd Council #14455 (Knights of Columbus)


Chartered on February 2008, the Parish-based Father Michael C. Kidd Council is associated with Holy Family Catholic Church in Mitchellville, MD.  Working in close accord with the Parish and her mission, the Council has been recognized by the MD State Council year after year for its strength in the service areas emphasized by the Knights of Columbus.  Revised from six to four, they are FAITH, FAMILY, LIFE and COMMUNITY. Throughout, we are a fraternal organization of Catholic men that stresses responsibility and service.  We seek to live our faith as Catholic gentlemen.  Our collaboration with the Parish in charity work for the needy and the oppressed is well known.  The local community is made all the richer because of the Council’s strong moral presence and social responsibility.   We host a multitude of activities throughout the year.

CLICK HERE for our Council Knights of Columbus Handbook

Holy Family Commandery #115 / Ladies Auxiliary #16 (Knights of St. John, International)

Knights of St John 2

Holy Family Commandery No. 115 of the Knights of St. John International was chartered in September 1905 at Holy Family Catholic Church in Woodmore, MD.  The Knights have contributed numerous services to the parish over the years.  Although replaced in 1990, our men built and cared for the first Parish hall which stood from 1889 to 1984.  The building immediately behind the Parish church, the gray building of St. John’s Hall was constructed by our Knights and employed as a classroom.  It is now used for storage.  Our Knights assisted with the repair of walkways, helped to keep the grounds and cemetery presentable and donated toward the construction of the current Parish hall.  Until just a few years ago, we generated income and nurtured fellowship through annual gospel music shows.  Today, many of our number are advanced in years and we want to instigate a new beginning with the recruitment of young men who are willing to be of service to God and to the community.


Holy Family Woodmore Ladies Auxiliary, Subordinate No. 16, Knights of St. John International was chartered on May 24, 1906. The charter was signed by Supreme President Louise Zancy and approved by the Supreme President John Williams, who also held the title of Knights of St. John. Ms. Johanna White served as the Supreme Secretary.  With Father M. J. Seanlow as the Spiritual Director, the charter served surrounding communities. The Ladies Auxiliary was incorporated internationally in 1996. Members of area Auxiliaries helped to plan living quarters in a room over the sacristy for the first Pastor of Holy Family, Father John Albert SSJ. The church had no rectory.  Members also helped plan and work at picnics and Oktoberfests to raise money for the church’s needs. Members included: Mamie Williams, Nancy Fletcher and Sadie Wright. Members were also involved in providing shoes and clothing for the needy children living on farms whose parents were sharecroppers in the area. Bessie Queen, Auxiliary No. 16, Agnes Washington, Auxiliary No. 109 and Lena Jones, Auxiliary No. 16, helped select the first electric light fixtures in the church. They replaced oil wall lamps with reflectors. Auxiliary members visited members of the county government to request provisions for safe drinking water for Lincoln Elementary School. The late Sister Veronica A. Fletcher used her home for years as storage for supplies to be issued to the needy. Additional good deeds performed by members of the Ladies Auxiliary No. 16 included, but were not limited to: sponsoring Masses, holding retreats, preparing breakfast for the elderly, hosting bake sales, painting the hall, donating flowers for the altar, pledging for the brick drive and donating food baskets for the needy.  Currently, we run a Haitian Coffee fundraiser.  Like the Knights, we also want to encourage new blood so that our long legacy of faith and service will continue into the future.

CLICK HERE for our Commandery and Auxiliary KSJI Handbook

The Ladies of Holy Family Mitchellville (Auxiliary to Fr. Kidd Council)


The election of Auxiliary Officers was held on Monday, August 17, 2015. The charter officers were Judy Cardano (President), Geneva Murry (VP), Ngozi Ikeji (Secretary) and Monette-Roxas-Tharp (Treasurer). The women decided to call themselves THE LADIES OF HOLY FAMILY MITCHELLVILLE.  The Ladies of Holy Family Mitchellville is active in a variety of social, service-related and charitable activities.  We give members the opportunity to become involved in both the Parish and in the surrounding community.  Auxiliaries that have worked in concert with Councils have historically been interested in helping physically and mentally handicapped children, unwed mothers, the disenfranchised and the needy. They are also known for their opposition to abortion and pornography. We give Auxiliary support to the Knights and have our own good works to maintain with either volunteers or proceeds from fundraisers.  Here are some of our past activities:  a Baby Shower, Fundraiser for House of Ruth, Dinner Fundraiser for Special Olympics, Christmas Party, Lenten Pancake Supper, Dinner Dance, Assisting with Knights of Columbus Activities, etc.

CLICK HERE for our LOHFM Auxiliary Handbook

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Saint of the Month: Mother Teresa


September 2018 thru August 2019 a small framed picture of a saint whose memorial is celebrated during the given month will be displayed in the back of the parish church. This month we honor Mother Teresa. Children are often introduced to the lives of the saints in second grade when they prepare for First Penance and First Communion. Later as teenagers preparing for Confirmation between 8th to 10th grades, they pick the name of a saint as a special patron. Therefore, this effort will reaffirm the meaning of the saints which they have already picked up in catechesis. However, this program also targets the adults and for a good reason. We live during a time of terrible scandals in the Church where even our shepherds have failed to model holiness and honest discipleship. The saints are our heroes in faith who have run the course and have won the prize of eternal life in the kingdom. We need their witness today more than ever before. We trust the saints pray for us— that by God’s grace we will be true to our calling and will one day join their number in the communion of heaven.

The picture gives the two sides of the holy card that we are distributing in September.

CLICK HERE for September Bulletin Insert.

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The Cobo-Ramiro Parish Meeting Room

These are PGK Roy Cobo’s pics of work done on the new Parish Meeting Room… or what we fondly call the Cobo-Ramiro Room after Roy and BK Bobby. The unveiling was Sunday, July 16, 2018 at the Holy Family Parish Picnic.


Here are some pictures of the ribbon cutting and a few shots of our first Council meeting in the building. And all I originally asked of Roy was, “Do you think you can fix the shed?”


GK Emmanuel Abongwa and DGK Leon Alexander look on with amazement. After a year of working on the shed, we are ready to show everyone the transformation!


I have the scissors in hand while I thank the men for their hard work. I mention PGK Roy Cobo, BK Bobby Ramiro, Treasurer Kevin Renze (directed much work and assembled the chairs), BK Ron Brinkman (who laid the outside concrete), and Nino Foronda (thank goodness for his truck!).


Cutting the ribbon! Where did they find those scissors?


You guessed it, we were singing the Cobo-Ramiro Room song!


BK Willie Fulgueras played his drums and SK Mike Davenport (from Fletcher Council) was our dee-jay with his electronics!


Dancers! Welcome everyone! Welcome to the Cobo-Ramiro!


Group shot… toasting with apple cider!


Ah, the men of the hour… PGK Roy Cobo and BK Bobby Ramiro.


Another shot of our little happy group… now on to the parish picnic!


Small in stature, PGK Roy Cobo is (in my eyes) a giant among men… a true Christian gentleman and a great Knight of Columbus!


A side view of the hall during Monday’s meeting of the Council.


When the fun is over, we go back to business. We take seriously our role as a Council and as Knights of Columbus!


Ah, for the good of the order, PGK Roy Cobo wins a lottery ticket. What luck he has! Or is it providence?


The song we sang… so silly… so much fun!


I love the four flags… U.S., Papal, Maryland, and KofC. Note the seal on the lectern… we left our mark on this room!

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Novena for St. Ann

The Feast Day for Saints Joachim & Ann is July 26

153115812951608086St. Ann, Mother of the Immaculate Conception

 GOD OUR FATHER, the beauty and the order of your creation was willfully damaged by those who rejected your friendship. Undeterred by this ingratitude, your Son entered our world on a mission of mercy and healing. He walked among us as a divine physician seeking the lost and the strayed, curing the sick and the handicapped, mending broken hearts and restoring broken friendships, comforting the distressed and bringing peace of mind to the victims of sin. With the exception of sin, he too was the victim of suffering and anxiety. He knew fatigue and hunger and loneliness. In taking flesh and blood from the children of Eve, he honored Mary and Ann as mother and grandmother. From them he inherited eyes which behold the ills of man and hands which constantly reach out to bring healing to mind and body. In this novena of prayer, dedicated to Saint Ann, the friend of the sick, we ask her intercession to strengthen our faith that miracles of healing may continue to testify that the compassionate Jesus still walks among us. We ask him to bless us, today and forever. Amen.—Bishop Raymond J. Boland (1978)

DAY 1 – Wednesday, July 18 – Embrace me as a brother to your grandson, Jesus.

Glorious Saint Ann, by the special bond of affection uniting you still with your child, our blessed Mother, and with her divine Son, we call on your powerful aid to meet today’s pressing needs. We freely acknowledge our own sinfulness and unworthiness, and yet we count on your help, and promise ever to be grateful to you and faithful to God’s will for us. Amen.

DAY 2 – Thursday, July 19 – Teach me the value of prayer.

Dearest Saint Ann, teach me the value of prayer. When I pray humbly, earnestly, God’s hand stretches out to me; it takes hold of my hand, my mind, my will and helps me up the steep path that leads me to the goal he has set before me. Amen.

DAY 3 – Friday, July 20 – Show me the light of Christ so as to find my way.

Saint Ann, when I lose my way and lose sight of my Lord, show me how I can find him again; tell me where he wishes me to walk through life; help me discover in Christ’s teaching the light that will reveal to me the Father’s will, which is made manifest through his commandments, through my duties toward him and toward my neighbor and through the various circumstances in which I am called to work out my destiny. Amen.

DAY 4 – Saturday, July 21 – Obtain for me strength and courage over all temptations.

Saint Ann, when I lose heart before the hardships of life and the constant obstacles that I have to overcome, when I feel helpless before my bad inclinations, before my repeated struggles against the evil one and against a world that is constantly pulling me away from you, obtain for me from God, who is the source of all strength, the courage to remain faithful to him, never to pull my hand out of his hand and to overcome the countless temptations of the world, the flesh and the devil. Amen.

DAY 5 – Sunday, July 22 – Grant me a consuming love for God and neighbor.

Saint Ann, first of all, let me always keep burning in my heart the eternal flame of God’s love; let the unquenchable fire of God’s love for me forever keep alive in me a consuming love for the Lord and for my neighbor. Amen.

DAY 6 – Monday, July 23 – Help me to prize heavenly joy over earthly consolation.

Dearest Saint Ann, whenever I am unhappy, inspire me to pray for happiness, for my share in the happiness of this earth; but, first of all, for the endless happiness that God has prepared for those who serve him with loving and prayerful hearts. Amen.

DAY 7 – Tuesday, July 24 – Draw me deeper into the mind and heart of Christ. 

Each passing day is a step forward on our earthly pilgrimage. Saint Ann, let each new day bring us deeper into the Lord’s knowledge and love. This is the goal of all Christian life on earth: that every passing day and every passing year should show us better the dazzling face of our God and urge us toward him in more faithful service. Amen.

DAY 8 – Wednesday, July 25 – Teach me how to bear suffering as God’s will. 

Saint Ann, the afflictions that befall our persons, families, cities and nations will be unbearable, unless you teach us how God’s merciful designs for man are attained through suffering. Keep reminding us that the only way that leads man to God and happiness is the way of the cross. Amen.

DAY 9 – Thursday, July 26 – Teach me how to desire equity and justice for all.

Saint Ann, teach us how to love one another. Love alone can do away with the evils of disputes, riots and wars. Love alone can inspire men with a sense of equity and justice. It will tear down the barriers that divide men according to languages, colors and creeds, and will inspire mankind to live in mutual understanding. Amen.

Prayer of Consecration to Saint Ann

Blessed Saint Ann, who did give birth to the Mother of God: illustrious Grandmother of Jesus Christ, I choose you this day for my Patron and my Mother. I offer and consecrate myself entirely to you and I recommend to your eternal solicitude and your holy protection my body and my soul, the necessities and vicissitudes of my existence, my life and my death. I am determined, and I promise, to serve you and to honor you for love of Mary, your most holy Daughter, and to propagate according to my powers devotion to you. / On your part, O my sweet Mother, O my holy Patron, deign to receive me into the number of your servants and children. Obtain for me the grace to imitate so perfectly the virtues which have made you pleasing in the sight of God that I may merit the favor of Jesus and Mary. Obtain for me a happy death and at my last hour receive my soul into the arms of your love. Help me during my life by the sufferings, by the merits and mercies of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to obtain such perfect remission of my sins that my soul on leaving its body may go quickly to join you in eternal rest. Amen.


Two-side Parish Bulletin Insert, click HERE.

The version of the devotion is here somewhat abridged.  For a pdf file of the complete booklet, click HERE.

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Ask a Priest – Questions & Answers

ask a priest book 1There is a Question and Answer Box in the back of Holy Family Catholic Church. Many of the inquiries and responses in this book were taken from the pastor’s blog, BLOGGERPRIEST.COM. The questions are listed in the general order received. There is some repetition, but usually there is an additional nuance or wrinkle to the remarks distinguishing one from another. This book is for older teens and adults. There are a number of questions which address sexual issues and marriage. Many other subjects of faith are targeted as well. While most queries from those with mental issues or dementia are omitted, there are questions from people suffering from addiction and depression. Most but not all questioners are Christians and Catholics. However, the list includes Atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and Jews.

The pastor’s blog receives visitors from the around the world with the exception of China. The Communist Chinese blocked and banned his site when he challenged the unjust treatment of priests, bishops and laity of the underground Church. Fr. Jenkins offers his opinions as a priest and he seeks to reflect the mind of the Church. However, he makes no claim to infallibility and admits that he might sometimes err, particularly by omission and sometimes because of the brashness of his temperament. These questions and responses are collected over the course of a year. It is his hope that readers will find something of their own questions resolved by reviewing the inquiries of others and the answers given by an ordinary Catholic pastor of souls.

Contact the rectory or Father Jenkins for a paperback copy of the book (301-249-2266 /  Given the high costs of printing, we ask for a $20 donation.  It is 337 pages and deals with questions 1 to 259.  We have limited initial copies.  When gone we will take orders.

For the most recent questions, see pdfs below:

Ask a PriestQuestions 260 to 273

Ask a PriestQuestions 274 to 283

Ask a PriestQuestions 284 to 302


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ADW: Gaudete et Exsultate Reflection

pope-francis-stickerThere is a new initiative through the Archdiocese of Washington where resources have been developed to help the faithful grow in holiness through the Apostolic Exhortation, Gaudete et Exsultate.

30-Day Prayer Journal: Developed for both social media use as well as a printable booklet, each day includes a short quote from the exhortation accompanied by a reflection question for personal prayer. These daily reflections will also be shared daily on social media alongside graphics and short videos of local lay people from a variety of backgrounds, together with priests and consecrated religious, briefly describing how they live out a particular aspect of holiness in their daily lives.

Exhortation Reflection Guide: Developed for personal reflection or small group discussion, this six-part resource guides readers through the themes of the exhortation.

Beatitudes Examination of Conscience: A resource for daily meditation or before Confession, guiding the reader though a short reflection based on each beatitude.


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Have a Happy & Holy Easter!

As I ponder the mystery of the season, there are twelve themes that I would put forward for reflection and prayer:


(1) A new day has dawned. (The LIGHT of Christ casts aside the darkness.)

(2) The promise of old has been fulfilled. (The long-awaited Jewish Messiah is the Christ and Savior of the entire world.)

(3) The breech is healed. (Jesus is the New Adam and the bridge between heaven and earth— he is the way to the Father.)

(4) The salvific work of Christ has redeemed us from the devil. (Our Lord paid the price that we could not pay.)

(5) While the primordial trespass brought suffering and death into the world– Christ’s fidelity ushers forth healing and life. (The damage from the primordial garden is repaired and we are called to faith and hope in Christ.)

(6) Nothing will ever be the same again. (The course of human history has changed; Christ’s victory changes everything.)

(7) Death is conquered if not entirely undone. (The war is over but a few battles must still be fought because of our fallen nature and the spite of the devil.)

(8) We no longer need fear the specter of death. (Jesus tells us, “Be not afraid.”)

(9) The grave will not consume us. (Neither the grave nor hell is the end of the story for those who walk with Christ.)

10) No one need live in vain. (Our Lord reveals to us the loving face and mercy of God.)

(11) Like the apostles we are called as witnesses to the saving truth. (Both faith and charity, if real, must be given away or shared.)

(12) Christ becomes the pattern of our discipleship: we must die with Christ if we hope to live with him. (The paschal mystery calls to us as missionary disciples.)
Have a blessed Easter!

—Father Joe Jenkins

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Living as Missionary Disciples

misdiscHere is a brief excerpt from my letter as pastor to the parish:

“The purpose of youth ministry is to ENABLE, not to entertain. It seems to me that much of youth ministry these days seeks to amuse; and yet, too much of their lives are already consumed by pursuing pleasure and gratification. Various synonyms for entertainment are telling: “beguile,” “distract,” “gratify,” “divert” and “indulge.” We do not want to beguile or fool our young people, but to have them encounter the truth. The last thing we want is any additional distraction when they need to be focused on the Lord. While there is a certain satisfaction with being in right relationship with God, this is a far cry from seeking pleasure for its own sake or selfishly losing ourselves in a contrived stupor, spiritual or otherwise. We need to work with our natural longing for purpose and meaning. It is here that we can share the compass setting toward Christ and the kingdom. We were made for God; nothing should divert us from this primary orientation.”

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Suggested New Sign


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Blessing of Catholic Homes

home blessingContact the rectory (301-249-2266) or email Father Joe ( and schedule to have your home blessed by a priest and/or deacon.  Sanctify your residence and put the devil on notice that he is not welcome in your house. Remember that every house blessing is also a minor exorcism where we seek God’s protection over you and your loved ones.

Homes are ultimately blessed, not simply by clergy with holy water, but by the holiness and faith of those who live there.  Make your homes “little churches” where you will never be ashamed or dismissive of the presence of Christ.  Instructions will also be shared about the creation of a home altar or shrine that will become a focus for daily prayer.  As Missionary Disciples of Christ, witness to your family and neighbors what it means to be a Catholic Christian believer.

Copies of the ritual and accompanying prayers will be given family members to assist in the home blessing and as a resource for the spiritual growth of members.  The booklet includes the following:  Service for the Home Blessing; Litany and Consecration to the Sacred Heart; Recommended Prayers for Room Blessings; Basic Catholic Prayers; and the Rosary.

It is also traditional to leave an image of Jesus and/or Mary as a gift for the home being blessed.  We have an assortment of images from which parishioners might make a selection  (one of Christ and one of Mary).

Icon Images of Jesus & Mary (1/2/3)

PRT-ICON108_423_543 19933_29320_popup 18394_29313_popup

Other Images of Jesus Christ (4/5/6)

37050_38065_popup 36855_37835_popup 36841_37848_popup

An Image of Mary Alone and an Image of the Holy Family [counts as 2] (7/8)

36848_39588_popup PRT800259

Images of Jesus at the Last Supper (9/10)

PRT-44-076_500_511 (1) 36485_37544_popup

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